Sunday, January 15, 2017


Finally, My studio is ready for workshops!  I had the first last week, and this table shows some of the future projects... purses, bags, slippers.  The hats were up on the shelf above.
 Here is the first double table ready for the students, with some of the silk chiffon choices.
 Here is the second table.  We had four students this day, but I ultimately can handle up to six for the scarves, and maybe eight for the slippers and bags (smaller table space required).
 Ready for the water and rolling stages.  (me peeking at you through the mirror!
 One scarf in the wet and covered stage.
 Finished scarf close up of one end
 and the other end.
If you are close enough to the Niagara area, and are interested in workshops, please email me at chrisknits at Hotmail dot com.   (link above right)  and get your name on my workshop newsletter email list.  I love to spread the love of all things felting!

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