Tuesday, January 3, 2017

hats and slippers

I need to work out a couple of new projects as samples for future workshops....  I was thinking of hats and slippers.  I have made lots of hats, and have that routine down.  Here is a green one that I made up yesterday.  Roving with silk beaded fabric and yarn over a bell shaped resist.
 after working it until sturdy, I used hot and cold water until it stretched nicely over my hat form.  (I covered a wig head with foam and duct tape to make the right size for me.)
 It is drying here.  I will add some more embellishment to finish.
 Here is a first attempt at slippers.  I used a flat resist, and worked it to fit my feet, but I felt the slipper is too flat, and decided to add a knitted cuff to bring it up the ankle for a better fit.
 Not bad.
 And here is another technique.  I thought it may work well to felt over some "crocs".  I found some tiny ones (toddler size 4) at the used clothing shop.  They are tough to find in the winter!  I worked four layers of roving over the shoes, then tossed them until fairly firm.  Hot soapy water made them perfect.  They shrunk to about the size of the original shoes.  Next I will try adult size and see if it works as well.
February and March workshops will feature shoes and hats!

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