Friday, November 4, 2016


Finally.  I have the need to move my felting adventures from my usual blog (  to ITS OWN SPACE!

I tend to felt everyday.  And I would like to showcase my efforts in an attempt to excite and inspire new felters, or just explain and intrigue those new to the art of felting.  I get stopped by strangers when I wear my "wearable art" out in public.  They love the effect, but do not know what they are seeing.

Although the photos show the details, seeing felt in person is SO much more rewarding.  The subtle textures and varying shiny details are truly eye catching.

Today I will just re-cap my traditional felt art.  That is the art that is currently just for display purposes, and not my usual wearable art.
 Above is a piece that was in two gallery stays, entitled "at eye level" . It represents the eye, and the rods and cones of the retina, that allow our eyes to take in the incredible details of fibre art, and enjoy the textures and colours without "touching".
 This piece is green apples, and part of a Niagara orchards series on permanent exhibit at the Region of Niagara headquarters in St. Catharines.  It is a multi media installation, and mine was the only felted piece.
 Here you see some of the stitch details.  I knit the branch, and added embroidery and beads to the apples and leaves.
 This is a hanging piece, that as installed in the Burlington Art Gallery, during a weavers and spinners exhibit.  It was the only felt piece and as such grabbed a lot of attention.  For those who do not know, a piece of felt needs to be 50% larger before it is shrunk to its final size!  This guy hung over the edge of my pool table / felting surface.  He was sold shortly after the exhibition.
Also of note, I am wearing one of my wearable art nuno felt vests to the gallery opening pictured above.

More felting photos and techniques can be found on my knitting blog here, and look for the link on the right to the "felting" pages.  Also I sell my felting work on etsy here.

Cheers, Chris

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