Wednesday, November 9, 2016

black nuno felt shawl

Today I made a nuno felt shawl.  The base is black silk georgette, a fairly stiff but sheer silk fabric that came to me as a full vintage Sari from India.
I started with a scrap, an uneven rectangle as you can see.  I filled the short side with a ladder of black merino.  All unfinished edges were also covered with merino.

 On fine "islands" of merino, I placed pieces of embroidered silk from another sari.  Also some black and silver tussah silk and banana fibres.
 Over a few of the ladder "windows" I placed more silk embroidered squares of sari, and laid a bit more roving to sandwich the edges.
 A bigger view.
 At one end, I added a few spikes, decorated with some silver tussah silk fibre.
 And after wetting and thumping and washing and shrinking...
It turned out great!
 There are still lots of sheer silk areas, and the merino bits have shrunk nicely and creates a wrinkled and textured surface.
More mini tutorials to follow!

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