Monday, November 7, 2016

Basic Felt Collar

Just as a first project outlined in the blog, I photographed my scarf of the day.  This one is a short collar type, slightly wider at one end and decorated with beaded sari fabric.
The base is a merino roving in multi reds.  I get all my fibre from a local shop, The Fibre Garden in Jordan Village.  For those felters who live too far from the Niagara Peninsula, they will mail order anything from the website, or call John or Alan, they will find and ship just about anything you need!

 The first layer is a fine shingling of merino, laid lengthwise.  It is followed by another fine layer in the width direction.
 Here you see some beaded fabric, cut and laid on the base, with a fine layer of more merino over top.
 Here is one more fabric detail, before I place the fine merino over top.
 I have added more fabric and some merino circles in a slightly contrasted colour.
 I finished with three tails hanging over the edge, and I also threw some banana fibre (very shiny) and tussah silk, both in red, so they blend in colour, but add texture and shine to the finished fabric.
 Here are two photos of the finished and dried scarf.  I will be adding a button to keep is tidy on the neck, but wanted to post this tonight.
Most days, I start the day making at least one new scarf.  It takes me less than an hour and is a creative way to start your day.  Coffee, felting, then breakfast!

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