Friday, January 12, 2018

Nuno Felt Coat - repair with sander.

I have a few photos of my latest nuno felt coat.  The first shows the thin layer of merino fibre, laid in all directions (but only one layer) over my large table.  This size will make a perfect piece for the back, then I repeat for both fronts, then a slightly smaller piece for the sleeves and collar and pockets.
I like to make yardage and tailor the coat to fit with set in sleeves, and a curved collar.
 This is the end result of the first piece, the back.  It ended up nice and thin, but alas, it had a hole in one spot.  So here are a few photos of the repair job, using a bit more merino wool, and a hand sander with polar fleece instead of sand paper, to quickly felt the hole closed.  A quick rinse and rub with hot then cold water has it repaired! 

 And the finished coat.  Nice and light... the whole thing weighs just 320 grams, and it warm enough for mild winter days or spring and fall.  The surface has silk chiffon from three different vintage saris, laid over the merino base, with yarn and rayon and hemp fibres to add more detail.
 I add an extra piece of felt to the sewn button holes to make them extra sturdy and reduce stretching of the button hole. 

 I just love the crinkly texture and the shimmer of the fibres.
Custom order one for yourself on my Etsy site, or shop in person at Pamela's in Jordan Village (Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada)

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