Thursday, November 30, 2017

Scraps of silk become a fabulous scarf

I am doing a reasonable job of using up my silk scraps.  For months I used large saris to make scarves, coats, vests and jackets, but tossed the small scraps in a bin.  Here is how to use them up!

Lay out your scraps in a somewhat rectangular (scarf) pattern.  You can see some of the scraps overlap, but there are still gaps.  That's OK.

 Cover the edges with merino roving in thin long strands.  Where the gap is tiny, place roving from one side to the other over all edges.  Where the gap is large, make an intentional "negative space" by covering the edges, then criss cross strips of roving to hold it together.  Also decorate the large silk spaces with more roving, and silk, and other fibres.
 To make sure it all stays really well, I wet and flip the pirce and lay some roving on the other side to sandwich the edges between two layers of roving.    (here I skip photos of the wet, and roll, and roll, and roll, then hot water squish and throw...)

and here is the end result!  Several different pieces of blue sari, with cool intentional holes.

 One piece of sari had embroidery and beads, so I made sure not to cover that with wool.

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