Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Here is a quick photo display of the layout of a cute wet felted birdhouse.  First I laid out fine merino in black over a plastic resist.  I then placed some pre-nuno felt in black and white silk over the spot where the entry hole will be,
After wetting, I placed another small resist over the prefelt.
The spot is then covered with pink, and another resist (not pictured)

The other side is also decorated with prefelt.  A random spike is decorated with white roving, and some prefelt.

A few pink spikes are imbedded to the surface and wrapped in cling wrap.  A pink loop is added to the top of the birdhouse.  All over the edge fibres were smoothed to the other side, to completely enclose the large resist, and create a large open space inside the merino birdhouse.

Covered with plastic on both sides, you can see some of the extra white details.

Rolling the whole thing in a large towel, I can now toss it into the dryer to tumble it into a solid fabric.

After the dryer, I hot washed and tossed and shaped the birdhouse and you can see that the pink spikes and the black and white spike shows well.

The front shows a series of circular openings at the lower edge for the birds to move in. Its hard to see but the opening has three layers, with a black hole surrounded by a fabric ring, then a pink ring, then a black and white ring on the outside.

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